Implementing standard project management practices and improving project success rates are two of the main reasons why organizations establish project management offices (PMOs). Yet there are many complex factors that impact the ability of a PMO to operate effectively. Often overlooked is the crucial role a PMO can play in organizational governance, supporting centralized project prioritization and resource allocation decisions.

Recognizing the PMO’s strategic value, perform.BI has pioneered a process for designing, implementing, and refining the practices and structure of a project management office. Our process, is scalable to fit PMOs at any level of the organization (enterprise, divisional, departmental).

Working in partnership with you, perform.BI can help your organization:
Determine the appropriate sponsorship for the PMO
Develop the PMO Charter, including its mission, vision, and critical success factors
Identify the supporting functions and staffing required to achieve that mission
Establish a program to address organizational change activities
Implement the initial functions of the PMO (training, resource management, methodology)
Officially roll out PMO operations
Refine and mature PMO governance practices
Outsource critical PMO functions with experienced project and program resources

perform.BI leverages our breadth of resources, including thought leadership from our award winning PMO books, primary PMO research conducted by our research division, and the talents of our experienced consulting team, to deliver PMO services that add value to your organization.
To find out how perform.BI' can help you improve organizational performance by structuring and implementing a PMO that meets your strategic goals, contact us today.