Pascal Laveaux is a data warehouse and BI professional with a sound experience of all the domains required to implement a successful DW project.  

The first eight years of his career was dedicated to technological components of IS (Networks, Databases, CRM) and the next fourteen to methodological approaches of BI Architecture & programme management without disrupting the "technical knowledge track".  

The core of his activity is to delivers BI architecture (including approach, methodology, architecture, budget, tools definition, staffing, process and procedure, quality plan, program management, ITIL…). This is leveraged by a proficient set of tools know-how that allow to grip on real world issues.

One of his key ability is to design high level data architecture under heavy constraints.  

During the last 3 years Pascal has focused on the integration of BI toolset within the business process architecture to ensure perfect adequation of delivered systems with expected process.

Entitled with a Phd in Data management from University of California (Berkeley), Pascal also holds a Master in Political Sciences (FUCAM) and a Master in Human sciences (ULB).

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